• Easy to clean, scratch resistant protection for Solar Panels

  • Hydrophobic surface modifications on a molecular level.

  • Nanotechnology glass coating for the reduction of dust accumulation.

  • Reduces dust accumulation by up to 90 % , and provides scratch resistant Easy to Clean effect.

  • We offer highly abrasive liquids for the removal of stubborn glass contaminations and for the surface preparation Nanotechnology treatments.

  • Heat and UV resistant Easy to Clean coatings, tested in the harshest Australian conditions.

  • Touch dry and shiny clean surfaces and a water and dirt repellent effect for stainless steel.

  • The only product that offers a solution to remove the tea stains and to protect the surface from new staining, in one easy to use application.

Welcome to Nanoshop

Since 2002, Nanoshop has become the largest online supplier for some of the most sophisticated and unique nanotechnology surface treatments and products available worldwide.

Through close collaboration and partnerships with manufacturers we have direct access to the latest product developments and can accordingly provide the most advanced applications for a wide range of substrates.

We provide our products to with the fastest and most secure delivery systems and we are the only Nano-product website that offers delivery, with real time cost calculation to any place in the world.

We provide not only DIY applications, but we also welcome bulk orders to industry corporations, glass manufacturers, applicators and trade.  Let us know how we can serve your needs.

Featured products

  • Glass Coating kit for up to 100 m2 of building glass

    This Nanotechnology glass coating kit covers up to 100 square meter of glass with a true ultra thin "Easy to Clean"  coating. It includes the surface preparation CL 50 and the  Nanovations Glass Coating.  Ideal for the coating of pool fences, windows, balustrades , glass shower screens splash backs etc. ...

    AUD 138.00

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  • Shower Protect™ Pro for up to 10 shower cubicle

    Bigger and better than ever and made to our high standards, Shower Protect ™ Pro represents the latest innovation in ultra-thin glass coating technology. With coating enough for up to 40 square metre ,Shower Protect covers the largest area of glass of any products on the market . Lasts up to 5 years. 

    AUD 98.00

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